Family Engagement

Learning begins at birth, not the first day of school.

Parents, extended family and caregivers are key to providing quality learning opportunities, and engaging with a child, face-to-face.

Young children’s experiences, especially with interactions of adults who care for them, build their brains and help develop cognitive, social, and emotional development. Children learn best through everyday experiences with people they trust. In other words, early learning opportunities with parents, extended family and caring friends set a strong foundation for lifelong learning, leading to higher potential for success in school and beyond.

SparKits are tools to get and keep parents engaged in those early learning experiences.

That may seem easier with preschoolers, but infants and toddlers as well need purposeful opportunities to learn. The result is that children of all ages that feel safe and loved through one-on-one engagement are better prepared to feel confident and to develop secure relationships with others.

A father learning with his son