Curious about your child’s development? All children develop at their own pace, but the Center for Disease Control’s developmental milestones can be a helpful guideline. Here are a few examples of infant milestones:

2 months
  • Pays attention to faces
  • Can hold head up and begins to push up when lying on tummy
4 months
  • Reaches for toy with one hand
  • Follows moving objects with eyes from side-to-side
6 months
  • Responds to sound by making sounds
  • Begins to pass things from one hand to the other
  • Begins to sit without support
9 months
  • Uses fingers to point at things
  • Looks for things he/she sees you hide
  • Stands, holding on
  • Crawls

For a full list of milestones for children, two months through five years, click the button below.