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With every On Demand Kit...
  • A Spark Plug containing…
    • Details of the activity to guide parent involvement for maximum learning
    • A list and description of development skills each activity helps build, such as math concepts, creativity, or language development
    • Ideas for related activities to extend play experiences
    • Books and resources for more learning opportunities
Designed to...
  • Lay the foundation for age-specific abilities and developmental milestones to build skills
  • Encourage family engagement at every age
  • Save the time and money involved in driving store-to-store or shopping multiple websites
  • Eliminate the need for storage space long after a child outgrows toys
Wouldn’t it be great to explore fun, educational activities with your child, using everyday items in your home?
SparKits On Demand is an online program with a wide range of educational activities using common items in your home. SparKits On Demand activities are designed specifically for your child’s age. Each activity can be downloaded from our On Demand catalog, complete with a list of materials.

Available for...

Infants - 2-12 Months
Toddlers - 1-3 years
Preschoolers - 3-5 years

Only $4.99 per Kit!