On Demand – Painting in a Bag Experience



Painting In A Bag

On Demand - Painting in a Bag Experience


Colorful moments with...

Splotches, blobs, and sheer fun with color.
Age Appropriateness
Skills enhanced by this kit
Skill Builder - Language Development
Language Development
Skill Builder - Small Muscle Development
Small Motor Skills

Discovery with SparKits On Demand Painting In A Bag experience.

Your toddler is just beginning to discover what s/he can reach for, hold, and explore. Painting In A Bag is perfect for building important development skills…and you can help!

What You'll Need

SparKits On Demand have been designed to require a few common household items, but here’s a few things you may not have already.

Fingerpaint, hair gel, corn syrup
or some kind of gooey liquid


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