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10 Skills for Kindergarten

School systems in your area identified the following skills as crucial to a successful start in Kindergarten. The Kits we have selected for you will touch on all of them.
  1. Plays, learns, and interacts with peers cooperatively.
  2. Identifies and follows basic safety rules at home and school with help.
  3. Completes personal care tasks and follow basic health practices without help (washing hands, dressing, toileting, covering mouth/ nose while sneezing/ coughing)
  4. Use tools to complete activities showing hand-eye coordination (scissors, fork, pencil, toothbrush etc.)
  5. Identifies and responds to feelings of self and others
  6. Manages behavior in a group setting without causing disruptions
  7. Follow routines and multi-step directions
  8. Speaks or expresses thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly
  9. Uses items that belong to self and others respectfully and appropriately
  10. Prints letter of own name with help
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Identifies and follows basic safety skills with help.

Point out signs and talk about safety rules while traveling in your community. Teach your child how to look both ways before crossing the street and about ``stop, look, listen`` long before he's old enough to do it on his own.

Carries out tasks and moves between activities, even when challenging, with minimal distress.

Mr. Rogers said it best: ``For children, play is serious learning.`` Let baby lead the way and let her play, explore, and follow her interests. Help her just enough to be sure she doesn't get overly frustrated, but let her do as much as she can on her own.

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